Friday, July 11, 2014

Verizon May Begin Offering LTE for Pre-Paid Service

Verizon Wireless has been offering customers pre-paid and post-paid month-to-month service for some time. However, pre-paid service was NOT available to those wanting to use a 4G LTE device. Now, Verizon is taking this into further consideration and may soon be offering the 4G LTE service on a pre-paid plan - at least according to a report on Droid Life.

According to Droid Life's sources, Verizon is getting ready to give pre-paid users, who are currently on 3G, access to its 4G LTE network. It is said that Verizon will add 4G LTE access to its pre-paid ALLSET plan starting July 17. These unnamed sources say subscribers will be able to sign-up for the service via Verizon's website, by calling customer care or going through direct/indirect channels at this time as well.

Currently, the ALLSET pre-paid plan includes unlimited talk and text, as well as 500MB of data for $45. In addition, Verizon also offers BRIDGE DATA on a monthly basis for pre-paid users - 500MB, 1GB and 3GB for $5, $10 and $20, respectively.

As long as the pricing for the ALLSET plan remains the same, pre-paid users would get 4G LTE and 3.5GB of data for $65 per month. This pricing would then be cheaper than the carrier's post-paid plans as currently, under its More Everything shared data plan, subscribers pay $100 each month for a smartphone that comes with only 3GB of shared data.

Post launch, Verizon has more up its sleeve per the site's sources as the carrier is apparently looking to sell "new post-paid 4G phones that can be activated with pre-paid pricing." Subscribers will have the option of choosing from available "certified pre-owned devices" that include the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 OR, they can bring their own Verizon 4G LTE compatible device.

The downside? It is not known if the speed will be full 4G LTE or throttled at a certain amount. It is also unknown if the Bridge Data pricing will stay the same or change before July 17. If the information holds true, then Verizon will finally be joining the ranks of AT&T and Sprint. Both these U.S. carriers offer 4G LTE services on their pre-paid brands. T-Mobile has been offering 4G LTE on its pre-paid plans since the launch of its 4G LTE last year.