Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Cradlepoint Secure Threat Management for Branch Office Networks


CradlePoint, the global leader in 4G LTE wireless networking solutions for distributed enterprises, today announced CradlePoint Secure Threat Management, an Intrusion Prevention Solution (IPS) integrated with its cloud network management solution, Enterprise Cloud Manager. CradlePoint Secure Threat Management leverage's Trend Micro's proven IPS solution.

CradlePoint Enterprise Cloud Manager's integration of Trend Micro's deep packet inspection engine and IPS signature sets, used in conjunction with the CradlePoint AER 2100, provides protection within a centralized and actionable platform. The combination of solutions improves network security, protects data, and increases security visibility with real-time threat alerts. The addition of intrusion prevention allows organizations to achieve a more secure and PCI 3.0 compliant network.

CradlePoint's introduction of IPS allows customers to create a layered security solution that is applicable to their unique business and existing infrastructure," said Kent Woodruff, chief security officer at CradlePoint. "Our introduction of Advanced Threat Management resonates with many of our customers as they look to maintain security and compliance of branch office networks. CradlePoint's use of IPS allows customers to move towards PCI Compliance 3.0 and ensures that they are proactive in network security and compliance management."

Today's branch office is vulnerable as it struggles with the proliferation of mobile devices and WiFi networks, the lack of support for legacy networks as well as limited to no onsite IT support services. CradlePoint found that of 1,300 breaches that attacked a distributed enterprise in 2013, 91% of the incidents originated externally. These incidents took just minutes to compromise and weeks to discover. The introduction of CradlePoint's Threat Management solution is one component that stifles the attacks. IPS is backed with the industry's leading Deep Pack Inspection (DPI) engine. This allows customers to protect against both server-side and client-side vulnerabilities, matching signatures from Trend Micro's continually updated database of known threats, identifying anomaly traffic and introducing malware protection. Trend Micro IPS threat information is automatically updated to the CradlePoint branch router via Enterprise Cloud Manager.

"Trend Micro's One-Pass Deep Pack Inspection Engine supports the industry's most up to date threat analysis database and network application intelligence simultaneously," said Dr. Terence Liu, VP of Trend's Networking Threats Defense Technology Group. "Customers of CradlePoint will be shielded by the next-generation intrusion prevention technology, identifying and blocking threats in real-time, and alerting security managers for quicker action; and with greater network visibility along with management control."

Expansion of the Enterprise Cloud Management Platform opens the door for increased applications that can be both developed and supported based on the customer's unique market and specific needs. CradlePoint's Enterprise Cloud Manager provides a single platform that network administrators can create best-of-breed security solutions under a single management console. This hybrid approach appeals to a broad set of distributed customers as they create a layered approach to security that is scalable, intelligent and provides maximum protection.

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