Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Introducing SimplyBonding from 3Gstore: the Simplest Internet Connection Bonding Solution

There’s nothing more annoying than an unreliable or slow internet connection, and to companies whose livelihoods rely on the internet, the problem is more than just irritating: an internet outage or painfully slow connection means lost productivity, sales, and money. Companies in need of a fast, reliable internet connection (which is virtually ALL companies these days!) typically try to avoid these issues either by paying enormous monthly fees for an MPLS line or by using multiple internet connections with a failover or load balancing router. Unfortunately, none of those solutions are ideal. “Failover” routers have the ability to switch over to a secondary connection when one internet connection goes down, but you lose the connection during the switchover (and again when the primary connection comes up again and it switches back), and failover doesn’t help with connection speeds. “Load Balancing” routers split the traffic load amongst multiple internet connections, but they do not aid in reliability or increase speed. Failover and load balancing are useful features, but they are NOT the same as bonding.

SimplyBonding is a hosting service that allows you to bond multiple 3G, 4G, cable, and/or DSL internet connections into one super fast, super reliable, unbreakable connection with minimal equipment. Unlike failover or load balancing, a bonded connection takes multiple internet connections and COMBINES them. The resulting connection is both faster and more reliable: if you have 3 internet connections that are bonded together and one goes down, your connected devices and apps will never know there was a failure - even apps that maintain persistent connections!

The concept of bonding (AKA aggregating) internet connections has been around for years, but it has historically been prohibitively expensive and very complicated to deploy and manage. SimplyBonding solves both of those problems. Unlike other bonding options that require two expensive bonding routers in two locations with access to high-speed internet (one at the location where you need the bonded connection, and another at a secondary location with a high-speed internet connection to bond the connections and send the data back to the primary location via VPN), SimplyBonding eliminates the need for this dual-router setup. SimplyBonding requires just ONE router, which will be configured to connect to our hosted service - WE handle the bonding and VPN for you, and 90% of the setup and configuration is eliminated. With low start-up costs and one flat monthly fee that includes UNLIMITED bandwidth and usage, SimplyBonding is the most affordable and hassle-free way to ensure that your business has the fastest and most reliable internet connection possible.

Watch our video demonstrating SimplyBonding:

The benefits provided by a bonded connection are limitless, but here are just a few of the advantages companies will see from a SimplyBonding connection:
  • 99.99999% uptime, which translates to increased productivity, eliminating lost sales and missed transactions, etc
  • Unbreakable VPN
  • Unbreakable VOIP - never drop a call again, even if one of your connections dies right in the middle of a conversation
  • No need for expensive MPLS connections
  • Reduce network setup and management time

Costs and Requirements: SimplyBonding requires a SpeedFusion-capable router, a one-time setup fee, and hosting service that can be billed monthly, quarterly, or yearly.
  • Router: You must use a Peplink or Pepwave router that supports SpeedFusion and has the necessary ports/connections for the internet links you'll be bonding (e.g. WAN ports for cable/DSL, USB ports for 3G/4G modems, etc). We will help you select an appropriate router if you don't already have one.
  • Hosting charge: SimplyBonding costs $250 per month, or you can choose to pay quarterly or yearly and save up to $575. All new users can test the service for FREE for 14 days. New users will only pay the setup fee at checkout, and the first service fee will not be charged for 14 days. If you decide to cancel within those 14 days, the service fee will not be charged.
  • Setup fee: There is a one-time non-refundable setup fee of $250 to get your SimplyBonding service provisioned and set up.
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