Monday, September 29, 2014

AT&T Offers DOUBLE DATA Plans Until October 31st

If you’ve got service with AT&T, or are looking to set up new service, listen up because AT&T has an offer for you! In a likely effort to keep up with the mobile broadband competition [put forth by T-Mobile and Sprint], they’re offering DOUBLE DATA on 15 GB and higher Mobile Share Value plans.

Hurry up though - you only have until October 31st to take advantage! After that, the data plans will revert to their usual limits. Even better news, those who choose the double data plan will be able to keep the plan as long as they like - even after the offer has expired!

The smallest plan, being 30 GB, will cost you $130 per month - compared to the regular cost of $225, that’s a savings of $95! The regular plans also only go up to 50GB. Now, they have a 60 GB, 80 GB, or 100 GB plan. Check out the picture below for a complete data and price breakdown.