Wednesday, September 17, 2014

CloudCam Compatible with iOS 8

With Apple’s release of iOS 8 today, you may be wondering if it would be a good idea to update. One of the biggest questions on your mind may be “Will it still support my current applications?” Our CloudCam devices, for example, rely on a mobile application for remote viewing and configuration of the cameras. Without this app, users who rely on Mobile Broadband Internet through companies such as Verizon Wireless would be forced to pay $500 for a public IP address (See here for why private IPs won’t work for remote applications).

The CloudCams, unlike most IP cameras, utilize a cloud based app called mCamView. So, rather than having to open ports on your network to allow remote access to your cameras (or anything else on your network), you have an app. This gives users a way around the fees involved with purchasing a static IP address. Instead, they simply take the camera’s ID and password, enter it into the app, and the camera feed loads immediately (depending on the speed of your connection). This is mainly why the CloudCams are so easy to setup!

Don’t be afraid to proceed with the iOS update, if you like. We’ve tested mCamView with our own cameras and can assure you it works! Just keep this in mind for any other applications you rely on! You may consider asking a friend to test it first OR check with Apple to see if rolling back to iOS 7 may be an option BEFORE doing the update.