Friday, September 05, 2014

Cradlepoint customers deploy parallel networking to gain advantage


Parallel networking is how many organizations are defining, creating and managing their corporate networks for distributed locations, said Woodruff. Organizations of all sizes are moving 3rd party, vendor, guest and generally less trusted networks off of their secure core where they control the client behavior, access and security posture. I am excited to share the benefits of parallel networking and the influence that it has on a company's bottom line with this years CAMP IT audience.

A leading research firm that is focused on enterprise technology and market trends recently published that by 2016 nearly a third of all advanced targeted threats will use the branch office as an entry point. Once a foothold is established within the branch office, hackers then pivot towards either corporate systems or the point of sale systems, which results in a compromised network and negative impact to the organizations bottom line and brand. Parallel networking isolates specific applications and their networks, creating physical air gaps between networks, which in turn prevents pivot attacks. The adoption of parallel networks allows organizations to tighten their security and improve business continuity to keep pace with the ever-increasing demands placed upon corporate networks.

An example of parallel networking within a modern retail outlet illustrates the immediate value that such a network provides to a distributed enterprise. A retail chains IT department is tasked with developing and deploying a cohesive and secure network infrastructure that supports the retail outlet at the networks edge. Specific applications that rely on wireless connectivity include point of sale systems, customer and employee WiFi, digital signage, HVAC systems, security, etc., all which help the business run more efficiently. CradlePoints ability to harness the speeds of 4G LTE with its suite of networking solutions and Enterprise Cloud Manager, CradlePoints cloud-based, network management solution, allows organizations to better manage and deploy a parallel networking architecture from a centralized location. CradlePoints customers have come to rely upon Enterprise Cloud Manager to allow administrators with enhanced policy management to immediately access and monitor network devices using wireless connectivity with zero-touch deployments, seamless firmware updates and instant optimization. This type of management within a parallel networking architecture results in improved business operations, secure networking and better control over the entire network.

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