Wednesday, September 17, 2014

IP Switch 1 Outlet Compatible with iOS 8

Our team at 3Gstore tries to keep up with all updates relevant to our industry, whether they are directly related to our products or not. In the case of the new iOS 8 update released by Apple today, and one of our popular items, the 1 Outlet Remote Power IP Switch, we needed to confirm the ezOutlet application would still operate. After all, not only do we rely on it ourselves, but several of our customers as well.

The Remote Power IP Switch allows users a way to remotely power cycle devices such as routers, cameras, and web servers. The ezOutlet app, provides the user a way to not only configure the IP Switch, but also manually power the outlet on or off, reset the outlet, and upgrade firmware for the IP Switch. Without this, users who are relying on an IP Switch that is connected with a privately assigned WAN IP address on their network, are limited to local access only. Of course, this defeats the main purpose of the device!

Go ahead and update if you find necessary, ezOutlet will still work! And if you don’t already have one, check out the Remote Power IP Switch today and see if it may help you!

Not sure which IP Switch model may be right for you? Reference our comparison between the 2-Outlet and 1-Outlet models!