Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Peplink Releases New InControl 2 Version

Peplink has released a new version of their cloud based device management tool, InControl 2. InControl gives you a way to remotely manage multiple routers all in one place. You’ll have access to such things as advanced administration tools, configuration settings, and reports. This new version is

Here’s what’s included in the changes:
  • VLAN ID setting support* for SSIDs now available for the Peplink Balance, and MAX models  
  • Device names defined on InControl 2 are now pushed to devices as their Router/AP Name 
  • Users can choose which types of events to receive email notifications on. 
  • Wi-Fi/Device Reports can now be downloaded as a CSV file. 
  • Location tracking data can now be downloaded as a GPX file. 
  • Implemented various UX tweaks, fixed various bugs. 

*This will only work if the VLAN ID set within an InControl-configured SSID is one of the VLAN IDs set in the local device Web Admin LAN settings. For example, if the InControl SSID VLAN ID is set to 25, then 25 needs to be among the VLAN IDs set in the local device. 

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