Thursday, October 02, 2014

Verizon Wants to Increase or Double Your Data!

The mobile broadband competition continues as Verizon Wireless starts offering increased and doubled data plans to their More Everything customers today. The increase comes at no additional charge to the customer. Like Sprint and AT&T, the offer does come to an end on October 31st. Check out the rates and data allowances below.
The data increases also apply to business accounts. The current allotments between 20 GB and 50 GB will be doubled for the same price. Be aware that customers will still be charged a per-line access fee each month to utilize the data. The fee is dependent on the device and how the customer is paying for that device.

In addition to the double data announcement, throttling has once again come up. Verizon had originally planned on throttling their grandfathered unlimited customers starting today, but apparently they’ve changed their minds! While this comes as a welcome surprise, who knows how long they’ll keep it going.