Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What is Going on with Millenicom and the Transfer to Verizon?

Since 1998, Millenicom has been providing customers with a low cost mobile Internet solution. As an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) they have utilized the Sprint and Verizon Wireless network infrastructure to provide the service. With the backbone of these 2 major US providers, and the ability to provide the service at discounted price, Millenicom was the go to solution for both rural homeowners and travelers alike. When the news broke late Thursday (10/16) that Millenicom had been acquired by Verizon Wireless, it’s no wonder it came as a total surprise to everyone involved.

Millenicom customers, or at least most of them, received the following email from the company’s owner Dennis Castle…

Dear Customer, 

We are announcing the acquisition by Verizon of the Millenicom customers who use their service. There should be no interruption with your Internet connection, they will be in contact with you regarding plan options. 

Please accept our most sincere appreciation for the opportunity to be your Internet provider. 

Dennis Castle 
Millenicom Inc.

However, a lot of other customers are reporting that they ONLY received this 2nd email the company had sent out…

Dear Customer, 

This is to correct an earlier email that was sent to you regarding your service. Verizon Wireless, the carrier providing your wireless service, may be contacting you about options for your ongoing service. Going forward your relationship will be directly with Verizon Wireless. Millenicom will no longer have any role concerning your account and Millenicom does not now or will have any relationship with Verizon Wireless. Thank you and we apologize for any inconvenience this notice may cause. 

Even now, there is a level of uncertainty throughout the customer base, ourselves included. “How long will my service stay active?” Or, “What options will Verizon be offering?” We wish we had a definite answer to give you all, but it’s still just speculation and hearsay.

What we do know, from our customer reports, is that Millenicom no longer has the ability to update data usage. This MIGHT mean that you can get away with using more than your 20GB allotment for the rest of the month, but no promises! Regarding service options - Verizon requested one of our other Millenicom customers to provide their Mobile Number (or MDN) for the service so they could assist, but to what extent, we cannot be sure at this time.

There’s also been a lot of talk about them grandfathering Millenicom customers in on the same plan, same cost, but no confirmation. We suggest contacting Verizon in the mean time and see if they can tell you anything. If you cannot find the mobile number of your line of service, we suggest giving them the SIM card number, which the service is attached to.

For now, we believe that service should at least stay active until 10/30 or 10/31. Verizon should be contacting customers sometime this week to go over options. However, without knowing how many customers they actually need to contact, there’s no telling if or when it will happen.

New questions and answers keep coming up all the time so please check out Verizon Takes Over Millenicom Customers for regular updates!