Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Will the Bash "Shellshock" bug affect my products from 3G Store ie. Cradlepoint, Peplink, or IP Switch/EZ Outlet?

Bash is a little language designed for giving commands to your computer. It lets you call programs, modify files and control your system just by writing a bit of text.

3GStore is working with manufactures to ensure our products are protected from the Bash Bug. Our customers’ security is our top priority.

All Products available from 3GStore are protected from the Bash Bug:
  1. Both Remote Power IP switch (2-Outlet & 1-Outlet) systems are not based on Bash Commands and are not affected 
  2. CradlePoint, Inc. While CradlePoint's products and solutions were not affected by the Bash Bug, and we have taken precautions to ensure it stays that way. 
  3. Peplink has verified and confirmed that all of our products do not contain/use "GNU Bash" and therefore we are NOT affected by this vulnerability.