Friday, December 19, 2014

Congrats to 3Gstore Customer James C. For Writing Review of a Peplink Balance 30 with Embedded AT&T/Canada 3G/4G Modem

Congrats to James C. of North York, Ontario who just won a $25.00 gift code for writing a review for Peplink Balance 30 with Embedded AT&T/Canada 3G/4G Modem at! Every week we randomly pick one product review from the previous week and award the writer a $25.00 gift code. We appreciate ALL the reviews our customers write, whether they are positive or negative - honest reviews like James C.\'s help other customers decide if the product is right for them. After you purchase a product from, we encourage you to log in and and leave a review letting people know how the product worked for you - you'll be helping others, and you'll automatically be entered to win a gift code!.

Simply works. I need a seamless internet connection for my business and this router does the job for me. I had hard time to configure properly with my old dual wan router, but this peplink is really easy to understand and setup. If you need a reliable dual WAN router, this is it. One thing i don't like is that all the ethernet and WAN ports are located on the front face. not easy to manage all the thernet cable neat. Overall, i give 4 / 5 on the router.