Monday, January 26, 2015

Peplink InControl 2.0.23 Released

InControl 2.0.23 has been released!  Here are the changes:

- Added 2-factor authentication support for enhanced security.  You now have the option to enforce 2-factor authentication for all users in your organization.

- Revised Google ID authentication logic
Note: Because signing-out is not effective unless the browser has signed out from Google as well, Google ID authenticated sessions will no longer auto sign-out on idle sessions.  

- Added the ability to change Web Admin password on group settings and device details screens.

- Added the option "Reboot to last firmware" to the firmware selection menu which will quickly switch device firmware to the last one. (Requirements: Device is online.  Minimum firmware version: Balance/MAX: 6.1.2, AP: 3.5.0)

- Added device level PepVPN status. This page is available even if the device's PepVPN is not being managed by InControl 2.

- Added WPA2-only support in SSID settings

- Implemented various UX tweaks

- Fixed various bugs