Thursday, March 26, 2015

Trakdot Serves Another Happy Traveler

We received this review from another satisfied Trakdot Luggage Tracker user and wanted to share with everyone from the occasional to the frequent traveler. Be sure to check out this device if you're looking for a way to insure your luggage never gets lost!

"I bought my first Trakdot last year for an international trip, and I was so impressed with its accuracy and consistency, I bought a 2nd one for my recent international trip, with the same perfect results. Now, I don't worry at all when my luggage is the last to arrive on the conveyor belt (which it usually is), because I already know it's in that airport. And, if my luggage is ever lost, I can now tell the airline which airport it's in (surprisingly I know of several lost luggage situations where the airline did not know where the passenger's luggage was for days!). I've been recommending Trakdot to all my fellow travelers!" - Alison W.