Wednesday, June 24, 2015

weBoost RV 4G amplifier kit coming soon

Later this summer, weBoost will release the RV 4G (470201), a kit geared towards RV users who want to cover more area than the 3-10' area vehicle kits like the Drive 4G-X are capable of covering. The RV 4G will use the same amplifier used in the Home 4G kit, but with a DC power supply and a suction mount for the panel antenna for easy installation outside the RV.

The RV 4G will surely be popular for RVers who want to cover their entire large RV, but it will ONLY be suitable for use while stationary (not only because of the directional antenna, but because non-vehicle amplifiers are not FCC-approved for mobile use). Users who wish to boost signal while in motion will need to stick with the Drive 4G-X or 4G-M.

You can see the full specs of the RV 4G and sign up to be notified when it's available at 3Gstore