Wednesday, August 05, 2015

T-Mobile, Now the 3rd Largest Carrier in the U.S.

The Un-Carrier T-Mobile and its CEO John Legere have finally surpassed Sprint. That is, at least according to the latest quarterly earnings report they’ve filed. 58.9 million subscribers were claimed by the now 3rd largest carrier in the U.S, which just barely beat out Sprint who reported 56.8 million subscribers. Although, back in February CNET pointed out that Sprint may have already been beat due to inactive customer accounts.

For the last nine quarters, T-Mobile was adding at least 1 million subscribers each time, and 2.1 million in the last 3 months. Clearly, customers are liking the lower prices and additional features the carrier offers over the other 3. Let’s just hope they keep it up and keep expanding their network coverage. After all, they’re still a long way from AT&T who is in first place with 121.7 million subscribers, and Verizon who reported 108.2 million.