Friday, November 27, 2015

Single Outlet IP Switch - iOS ezOutlet App Pending

The Single Outlet IP Switch has both Android and iOS applications meant to remotely monitor and control paired switches. Two days ago the iOS version of the application disappeared from the Apple store without warning.

We reached out once we were alerted to the issue, and today we have some additional information. Apple took down the iOS version of ezOutlet because there was a photo in the iTunes store that showed an Android icon. Although these same images have been on the store from day one the app was approved, it was only decided now that there was an issue and Apple decided to pull the application. New screenshots of ezOutlet were submitted immediately, but haven't been approved yet. The official status of the app is 'Waiting for Review.' Given the holiday week, we expect the app to be available early next week.

It is important to remember though, the Single Outlet IP Switch is still functional. It will still perform its auto reset if configured to do so, it can still be accessed and setup via its web administration interface, and the web interface also provides control over the outlet to power on, off, or reset the device. The Android version of the application is also available. Any iOS users who already have the app downloaded can still use it as well without issue. This only affects new app downloads on iOS devices.

We'll update this post as soon as the app is available again in the iTunes store..

UPDATE 12/4/15 - The ezOutlet Application has returned to the iTunes store and is once again available for download.