Thursday, December 17, 2015

Cradlepoint Announces $100 Verizon Bill Credit and Rebates

Cradlepoint has announced an excellent offer for Verizon customers purchasing one of their embedded routers: eligible users signing up for new Verizon service will receive a $100 credit on their Verizon bill! Eligibility requirements:
  • Customer enrolls in a new 2-year service commitment,

  • Customer signs up for a $10 minimum monthly service price plan,
  • A company is named as the responsible billing party

This offer is valid for the Verizon versions of the AER3100, AER3150, AER2100, IBR1100, IBR1150, IBR600, AER1600, AER1650, CBA850, CBA750, and ARC MBR1400. The IBR650 and IBR350 are excluded.

In addition to the Verizon bill credit, Cradlepoint is also offering a $50 rebate off any of those models (available only when the customer also qualifies for the bill credit). Conveniently, the customer doesn't have to do ANYTHING to receive the bill credit or rebate - when you purchase from 3Gstore, we will automatically file for the credit and rebate for you!

Cradlepoint also has a few other rebate offers available right now. If you purchase one of these routers and would like to take advantage of these offers, you will need to file for the rebate yourself. If you qualify for the bill credit, 3Gstore will file for that for you - but you won't be eligible for the $50 rebate in addition to the below rebates:
  • $75 off the AER3100/3150
  • $125 off the AER3100/3150 when purchased with an additional MC400 modem
  • $75 off the IBR1100/1150
  • $75 off the CBA850 with USB trade-in
These promos are valid for routers purchased from now through June 15, 2016.