Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Peplink has just released firmware version 6.3, which adds some new functionality to existing Pepwave and Peplink hardware. The Peplink Balance, MediaFast, MAX, and Surf, are all included in this update.

A major feature upgrade is Port-Based VLAN. On the Balance 20, 30, 50, 210, 310, users can specify which VLAN a specific LAN port is tied to. You no longer need a managed switch or have to set a static IP address to reach a VLAN. WIth just the Balance, you can now have DHCP handle this on a per port basis.
Time-Based Configurations is another much requested addition with firmware 6.3. Users can enable or disable WAN connections, policy rules, PoE, and more, based on a user-created configuration profile. For a business, you can set an LTE backup connection to be only available during regular business hours, and unavailable after. This can potentially save data charges if a failover was to occur after hours.

In an important notice about firmware 6.3, Peplink has announced...

Firmware Temporarily Unavailable for Previous Balance Hardware Revisions: After additional testing, we have found an important issue for Firmware 6.3 that affects the following Balance devices:

305 HW1/ 380 HW1-5/ 580 HW1/710 HW1-2/1350 HW1.

For those devices, Firmware 6.3 will be unavailable at the moment. Our team is working on a fix, and new Firmware for these devices will be available in Q2 2016.

Click here for more information about the latest Peplink firmware and full release notes, and for more information on Peplink hardware contact the experts at 3Gstore.