Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Using Your iPad SIM Internationally

Otono Networks, a company who specializes in on-demand wireless services, has found a new way to utilize your iPad. They recently developed a new service called AlwaysOnline Wireless. For those who travel internationally and are looking for an easy way to connect to LTE, AlwaysOnline provides data so that you can connect using your Apple SIM card and a cellular capable iPad. Just be aware that your Apple SIM must be unlocked in order for this to work! Certain carriers like AT&T have a tendency to lock their SIMs on their network.

While it’s still limited to only 45 countries, you can get 15MB of data for as little as 99 cents per hour. That should be enough to simply check email, but if you’re looking to stream videos or use any other data hungry apps, you can pay by day or megabyte as well. Just activate the service as needed from your iPad and you’re set!