Monday, February 22, 2016 Customer Feedback - Thanks Amy!

Thank you Amy from Virginia for sending us this comment about your experience with 3Gstore:

I did not know about 3G. I usually buy from BestBuy. I searched for a wifi to wan router there. Couldn't find one. Spoke with a geek squad member describing what I was trying to do. No help. I knew what I was trying to do but I didn't know it was called "wifi to wan". Somehow an Internet search using words perhaps such as "how to convert wireless internet to wired internet router" or something to that effect - led me to 3G. Your customer service was superb. English speaking people listened to what my needs were, understood my less than perfect computer lingo, and made a recommendation. It originally took me a long time to find 3g and this product because I didn't know the name of the product for which I was looking and I didn't know about your store.  But by the end of my research, I wouldn't have cared if I found the item cheaper elsewhere - you produced a loyal customer with that customer service. "See you later" to the geek squad!