Monday, April 25, 2016

CradlePoint IBR350L-VZ Modem Firmware Upgrade

Important Notice for Cradlepoint Device Users

IBR350L-VZ Modem Firmware Update

1st Notice: Cradlepoint has posted new IBR350L-VZ modem firmware, 01.00.05, and is a requirement for future network compatibility on Verizon’s network. The updated modem firmware package applies solely to the COR IBR350L-VZ router, which contains this affected modem. For more information on how to update modem firmware for your COR IBR350L-VZ devices, click here.

For questions regarding these important notices, contact your Cradlepoint Support Representative:
This Notice was sent to all IBR350L-VZ end customers on April 25, 2106

- Only IBR350L-VZ Customers are affected
- COR IBR350LPE (-VZ, -AT, -SP, -GN) and COR IBR350P2 Customers are not affected