Friday, April 22, 2016

More Americans Make the Move to Mobile Internet

The US Census Bureau recently announced results from a study they’ve performed the last few years. The study looks at the types of Internet service being used in households across the states and over varying incomes. From what they’re seeing, mobile broadband Internet is growing in terms of usage - whether it be for a household's sole means of getting online OR just a supplement to the traditional services.

In addition to the Census results, the NTIA (National Telecommunications & Information Administration) collected data in July 2015 from close to 53,000 households. It shows that three-quarters of households with internet are using a DSL, cable or fiber connection to get online. With that of course still being the majority, it's actually quite a big drop from 82 percent in 2013.

Households that rely on mobile broadband Internet raised from 10 to 20 percent in the same period. That makes it about one in five US households whose Internet service is now mobile only. The FCC has even expanded its Lifeline program to include mobile connections.

Technologies Used to Go Online at Home, Percent of Households Using the Internet at Home, 2013-2015