Friday, May 06, 2016

New MVNO Offers Flexible Unlimited Data Plans on Sprint's 3G/4G LTE Network

Mobile service has certainly come a long way since its beginning. Within the past few years we’ve seen data plans and their included services change as our needs and dependency on the service also grows. No longer are we seeing as many plans that require contracts, but no longer are we seeing as many options for unlimited service either. While the major 4 continue to battle amongst themselves, more MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators) are starting to come out to help.

Tello, the latest MVNO we’ve discovered, was just announced recently. Like any MVNO, they’re providing you access to a major carrier’s network, but at their own costs and plans. So if you don’t like what Sprint may offer to you directly, check out Tello instead! Not only does Tello provide 3G and 4G LTE data service on Sprint’s network, but they offer voice as well.

From Tello’s standpoint, they’re all about no fees (i.e. no activation fee, no overage fee, no processing fee or early termination, and no tethering fee), no contracts, flexible plans, and what everyone loves these days - switching phones whenever you like. In regards to the data plans, you can easily switch plans at any time if you find you have too much or too little data. However, technically, data is unlimited with any plan since the speed is throttled down to 64kbps once you hit your limit. 

With Tello being new to the US and other MVNOs already having made a substantial impression here, they’ll certainly need to work on determining what customers are looking for and how best to accommodate their needs. At least they’ve had a bit of practice since they first started operating out of the UK 2 years ago.