Friday, June 24, 2016

2 Outlet IP Switch and Google Services Alert
Over the last few days, numerous 3Gstore 2 Outlet Remote Power switch users have reported issues when using Google services on the hardware. 

The IP Switch can send out e-mail alerts for events like automatic reboots, scheduled power cycles, or network issues. Many users who have a Google address are unable to send e-mail through the switch, with an event log report that states "Failed to send e-mail. Connection with SMTP server failed."

The IP Switch also allows remote control via Google Hangouts (formerly Google Talk). This feature is not working for many users as the switch will fail to sign into the account.

Even if the IP switch was previously working with e-mail alerts through Google or connected via Google Hangouts, these switch features may not be working at this time. We are currently working on a solution and will provide an update once these issues are resolved. It is important to note that the IP Switch still works for all other functions including its automatic reboot, scheduled reboots, sending e-mail from other providers, etc. Only Google Hangouts and sending e-mail via Google are affected.

UPDATE 6/27 - The root cause of the issue comes from an update to Google security standards. SSLv3 security is no longer supported by Google, so the switch can no longer sign in to Google Hangouts or send an e-mail. We expect a firmware update in the coming days that will resolve these issues. The link will be posted here once available.

UPDATE 6/28 -  It looks like Google services have returned to the IP Switch for a number of useres over the last 12 hours. It is still unknown if this is a permanent fix or if there will be any further interruptions. Please keep an eye on this page for updates as we learn more.