Monday, August 29, 2016

Verizon LTE-Advanced Now Available in 461 Cities

LTE-Advanced has been coming up a lot over the past few months. This new LTE technology allows cellular carriers to aggregate, or combine, multiple cellular frequencies therefore providing users with faster bandwidth. AT&TT-Mobile, and Sprint have already been rolling out this technology as early as 2014. Just today, Verizon announced they now have LTE-Advanced available in 461 cities across the US. With this development, they’re promising 50% faster speeds. Tami Erwin, head of operations for Verizon’s wireless unit, says the following on LTE-Advanced, “Verizon LTE Advanced works like a turbocharger on an engine. Speed boosts kick in when you need it most, with big data use. That’s when you get the big peak boost of Verizon LTE Advanced.”
Per Verizon’s announcement, the upgrade comes at no additional cost or upgrade requirement to their customers. It utilizes two- and three-channel carrier aggregation across its 700MHz, AWS (1700/2100MHz) and PCS (1900MHz) spectrum. They calculated peak download speeds of 225mbps with two-channel carrier aggregation and over 300mbps with three-channel carrier aggregation. In comparison to what you may get without this new technology (average download is only about 5 to 12mbps), that’s quite a significant increase!