Friday, April 28, 2017

Sierra AirLink Management Service ALMS Adds Free Tier!

Starting May 9th, Sierra ALMS (AirLink Management Service) will be free for all users for up to 15 devices... forever! This is a replacement to the previous 30 day trial offered by Sierra and will be offered to current and new ALMS users. Once an account reaches the 16th device, customers no longer be eligible for the free tier and will be prompted to purchase licenses for all of their devices (a one year license is $18).


ALMS is the cloud based management program for Sierra Wireless routers and gateways. ALMS provides powerful monitoring to identify problems in the field and can be setup to alert on critical events to prevent downtime. ALMS allows for remote firmware upgrades, and with patches vs full firmware flashes, cellular data is reduced on costly M2M accounts where every KB counts. Deployment templates centralize and speed up configuration of new devices, and uploadable CSVs for device info make ALMS an obvious choice for Sierra customers.

Current ALMS users with fewer than 15 devices will automatically be converted to the free tier, and can continue to add additional devices to their account at no charge until they reach a maximum of 15 devices. If you paid for an ALMS license in the past and now qualify for the free tier, Sierra will store the paid licenses in your account as a credit, and when you reach 16 units and are moved out of the free tier and prompted to buy licenses for the entire group, your previously paid-for licenses will be applied towards your purchase.  

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