Friday, September 01, 2017

Pepwave Surf SOHO Advanced Security Setup Guide Now Available at 3Gstore

The Pepwave Surf SOHO Advanced Security Setup Guide is a resource created by the 3Gstore support team, exclusively for 3Gstore customers. A large number of people are heading toward the Surf SOHO for home and small office use due to its many security features that other routers simply don’t have. This guide goes over how to create a VLAN and segment guest and primary networks, creating content blocking rules, restricting web admin access, and more!

If you purchase your Surf SOHO directly from 3Gstore, our technical support is INCLUDED at no extra charge. We provide 1 year of technical support by phone, plus unlimited access to email support and 24/7 access to our online support portal. Our support starts from the second you place your order with an e-mail granting access to the support portal and links to helpful setup and troubleshooting tips like this new guide. Accessing the support portal is easy for existing customers as well. Just visit 3Gstore, click login at the top of the page, and once you are in you’ll see a new tab for support portal! Don’t know or didn’t create a password at checkout? Use the forgot password button to have a temporary one sent to you.

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