Friday, April 27, 2018

3Gstore SMS Power Switch - Remote Power and Control via Text Message has been carrying Remote Power IP Switches for several years. We’ve offered a number of different models with various features and management options (app-controlled, Google Hangouts, etc), but they all provide the same basic function: the ability to automatically power equipment on or off remotely.

The only downside to these devices for some users is that they require local internet connectivity - i.e. they must be connected to your router on-site for monitoring and remote access. Now, we’ve got a device that uses its own built-in cellular connection instead, making it perfect for users who can’t add a switch to the local network (or simply prefer not to).

The 3Gstore SMS Power Switch is the first remote power switch we’ve carried that does NOT have to be connected to your network - that means no router! In fact, it has no data, IP, or WiFi capabilities - it’s controlled completely via SMS text messaging, which increases its level of security. After all, you can’t hack what you can’t access!

It takes less than 5 minutes to set this convenient little box up - just plug the SMS Switch into power and plug your equipment into the SMS Switch outlet. From there, you can start messaging your Switch from anywhere in the world you have cellular service and it will respond in seconds! Send specific text commands to turn the outlet on or off and the SMS Switch sends a text back confirming the action has been completed.

Real time power status and temperature alerts (if using the included sensor) are also available. When power is lost, or the temperature rises or falls outside your set threshold, a text notification will be sent automatically. The temperature sensor can also be used in conjunction with automated on/off schedules, for applications where a device needs to be powered on or off when the temperature reaches a certain threshold.

The SMS Power Switch is available now for $249. Service is included for the first year (up to 20 text messages sent/received a month), and can be renewed for $25/year in the future.