Tuesday, May 15, 2018

General Mailbox or One Talk

One of the biggest requests we get from our One Talk customers is for a general mailbox.  Perhaps it is an after hours mailbox, a way to notify multiple people for a message, or just voicemail to email.  Lots of people want voicemails to go to more than one person, perhaps SMS or even transcribing the message and texting just the content of the message.  3Gstore has developed a full featured general mailbox for One Talk and it only costs $5/month.  This is available right now.  We had many large deals that were on hold because of this missing feature.  Give us a call and let us help you close even more One Talk deals.  We would love to give your teams training on how we can help you with One Talk (contact Corey Hindman for more info).

At 3Gstore, we actually bring the “value” into “value added reseller”.  We are the only one that can truly check the network infrastructure/router ports/speeds before moving forward with the sale.  We were the first to offer true visibility into the status/notes/calls/emails of all leads (and only that provides visibility for sales manager and above too).  We were the first to build a pretty useful One Talk in a box (for disaster recovery, government and more).  First to build a One Talk PA System that is simple to integrate and install. 

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